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Glucommander® is a computer based system for controlling blood glucose by directing an intravenous infusion of insulin in response to the measurement of glucose at the patient's bedside.  For more information about the Glucommander, please see the FAQ.

Glucommander was presented at the 2003 Diabetes Technology meeting in San Francisco.  Please have a look at the PowerPoint presentations from that meeting.

Glucommander is implemented on small computers used at the patient bedside.

Glucommander was described in an article in Diabetes Care in October, 2005.

We are actively developing a next generation product running on modern handheld devices. There will soon be a web based demonstration which may give you get a better feel for how the Glucommander works. Note this demo is not yet fully functional and does not meet FDA standards for patient care.

We continue to offer non exclusive licenses to use or modify our legacy software which is described in the references above. Glucommander intellectual property available to licensees includes the Glucommander® trademark as well as the software. We also offer licenses to outcomes data of thousands of (anonymized) patients. Contact Send Email for further information and sales.

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